Welcome to our Homeowners Section. In business since 2000, with 20 years of excavation experience,  you can be assured that we will walk you through your project from start to finish. We have an enviable reputation in Eastern Massachusetts for providing homeowners with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.







Excavation, storm drainage and Grading

When building a new home, the excavation and preparation of your site is key. Perhaps you are planning a home addition, or need to level your back yard and add a retaining wall? Have you ever thought about making more space in your basement by digging down to increase headspace? We have successfully completed thousands of excavation projects in Eastern Massachusetts. So, you can be confident that we have the appropriate equipment and crew to tackle your project.


Our excavation equipment includes both large and mini excavators, allowing us to work in tight spaces and yards. 72 hours before the start of any job, we call DigSafe at 811. It is required by state law, and it alerts utility companies of our plan to dig. It is important to know where the utility and power lines are below the surface before we start.


If you have a marshy, soggy back yard, it could be due to improper grading and/or storm drainage. Surface water that cannot drain, can cause permanent damage to sod, creating a depression in your grass that holds water. We are experts in grading sites, along with providing storm drainage solutions. We will analyze your backyard drainage issue and come up with a plan of action. One option could be to install a downspout roof leader system, directed to a below ground holding area for infiltration to the water table. Other solutions include: 

Professional site grading of your property

Foundation and footing drains

Catch basin installation

Drain inlet


French drains

Subsurface drainage system

Retaining wall construction

Site Grading

Grading of your property is imperative to make sure water does not pool at the foundation. Pooling water can cause structural damage and cracks over time. Our grading solutions make sure water runs away from your home and can include catch basins and drainage pipe below the surface. Proper grading of your property will ensure that rain water, run-off water, storm water and melting snow has the path of least resistance to the closest storm drain.  

Foundations and retaining walls

At Sean Farrell Excavation, we specialize in professional foundation systems and concrete pouring for homeowners. We pride ourselves in completing  your foundation and concrete work on time, on budget, and with strict adherence to your town’s building codes. Whether you are building an addition to your home, or constructing a brand new home, trust us to get your project started on the right footing!

home additions

Are you in the planning stages of a new home addition? We understand a home addition is a big investment of both time and money. Our team of foundation experts can walk you through your various options. We take many factors into consideration when planning your foundation – access, elevation, soil strength, existing foundation structure, if your foundation needs retrofitting and whether you are adding a basement or multi-story addition.

Foundation services we offer



Site Preparation

Pouring of concrete slabs 

Full height basements

Crawl spaces

Post Footings


Have you dreamed of creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space, fire pit, patio, play area or parking spot on your property?  It may be hard to see how this could be possible if you have a sloping yard or drainage issues. A retaining wall may be the ideal solution for you.

A retaining wall can be both a stunning eye-catching feature in your landscaped yard, as well as a functional structure designed to hold back soil and support the grade of your property. You can create a truly unique space in your yard with the use of a retaining wall.

We have completed retaining walls for many reasons, including creating parking spaces, flat patios, level lawns and backyards.

There are various types of retaining walls, including:

  • Reinforced concrete retaining walls (Engineers Structural Design)
  • Big block precast block wall (Redi Rock – Verti Block)
  • Landscape segmental retaining walls (Allan Bloc and Versa Block).

Because we are also drainage experts, we will make sure that the correct drainage is in place so that your retaining wall stands the test of time.


water and sewer line repair and septic

At Sean Farrell Excavation, we are available 24/7 for emergency water and sewer line repair. As a homeowner, a water or sewer line break is an unnerving experience. You are in safe hands with our water repair line team – we have repaired hundreds of water line breaks for homeowners, municipalities, small businesses and government agencies in the South Shore.

Water and Sewer Line Repair

Our goal is to find the source of the leak and ensure we restore service in the quickest time possible. We use excavation techniques that complete your project so your property is returned to its original condition with minimal trace of us ever having been there.

Spot repair and open cut trench repair

Two of the most common types of repair are spot repair and open cut trench repair. 

Spot Repair – this is a targeted repair, fixing the affected leak exactly where the problem is. This can often get your water service back up and running, but often is not the best long term solution.

Open Cut Trench Repair – this consists of digging a trench and replacing the entire piece of pipe. Depending on how severe the water pipe damage is, replacing the pipe can be the safest and most efficient long term option. 


We have completed various types of Title V Septic Systems in Eastern Massachusetts, we have the expertise to complete your septic systems to plan and budget. Depending on the prevailing water table elevation and other factors, we have completed septic systems from simple gravity septic systems to mounded dosing systems.

It is really important to work with an installer that understands and can interpret the soils log presented in the drawings by the design engineer. Septic systems rely on the quality of the soil they are installed in. We are experts in completing accurate take offs and calculating the extent of soil removal. 

The Board of Health Department in each town oversees the installation of Residential Septic systems. We are required to hold a license in your town in order to complete the work in accordance with the local Board of Health requirements.

Please call today to discuss your septic project. Remember we can get licensed in your town if you do not see us on the list of Licensed Installers.

SEptic System Removal

If it is time to connect to the town sewer system and get rid of your septic tank,  we will work with your local health department and make sure that removal and abandonment of the septic tank is done in accordance with the local code. 

You can trust that our crew will complete removal and abandonment of the tank, and connect to the municipal sewer line with as little disturbance to your property as possible.   



In-Ground Pool Removal

Are you thinking of removing a pool in your backyard that you no longer use,  or perhaps you have just purchased a home with a pool that you would like to fill in? Please give us a call when considering your choice of contractor – we have years of experience removing and demolishing pools, and we are happy to walk you through the process. 

Pool Demolition and Removal

 It is important to complete your pool removal and demolition correctly.  Many towns and cities require a building permit and disclosure that a pool has been filled in may be required if/when you sell your home in the future.

Hiring an experienced contractor is important to ensure that your pool demotion and fill-in maintains the structural integrity of your yard.

Using heavy equipment, we start by ensuring the base is broken up so it no longer holds water. The sides and deck can also be broken and either hauled away or clean fill will be brought into the site and the site is back-filled and graded.

Finally, a 6″ layer of topsoil will be installed and a hydroseed of the area is advisable. The end product is a lush green lawn.