Our experienced operators have decades of experience grading commercial sites. Our team can manage all stages of preparing your site for development. Getting your site ready for construction is a complicated process. Proper grading of your site allows for hassle free installation of your utilities, water and sewer lines, driveways, storm drainage and foundations.

Why work with multiple contractors who offer their services for different aspects of site development, excavation and grading? This can often lead to delays because of conflicting schedules and differing priorities. With Sean Farrell Excavation, you can be assured that we will keep your project on track and on budget.

Services include:


  • Tree and brush removal
  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Removal of old infrastructure
  • Granite Blasting
  • Excavating site for grading
  • Surveying the site
  • Grading

Retaining walls

If your project has significant changes in grade, a retaining wall is a possible solution. Sean Farrell Excavation has completed various types of retaining walls on challenging projects, including:

  • Segmental Block Retaining Walls – Allan Block, Techo Block
  • Big Block Segmental Walls – Redi Rock, Verti Block
  • Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls

We can work with suppliers and/or structural engineers to furnish a stamped P.E. set of drawings for your specific project.